Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Derma Wand Testimonial

Hi Shiso,. i actually own and use a Dermawand and i think they are AMAZING and well worth the few miniutes it takes a day. My Mother also has a Dermawand and we both love ours. Did you know that apart from keeping your skin wonderfully free on spots, you can use it to lift and tone your facial muscles? You can also use it to apply your moisturisers so they get into the skin deaper and its brill for using after applying your toning and mositurising or if you have cellulite for applying that too. It comes with a full instructional video. I particularly LOVE the dermawand for using underneath my eyes (on the lowest setting) it gets rid of puffyness and really makes your skin glow.The only problem i have is i don't always use it every day and i should as it;s well worth the time and effort.
I give the derma wand full marks! Love it love it love it!
PS, it not junk and Kim i was gonna tell you all about it!!!
Pauline from the UK.
Long dark hair,green eyes, wild and fun!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Email Testimonial

I have been using my dermawand for a few weeks now and love it! I'm 55 years and was told by a plastic surgeon whom I saw two weeks ago for a consultation that my skin and neckline are so firm an taunt I looked in my thirties! I was thrilled because I have not had anything done to my face like Botox or plastic surgery. My co-worker ten years younger than I also asked me how I managed to have such firm skin. I told her it was genetics, but seriously it's the dermawand!

Kathleen P.