Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Derma Wand Delivers!

Is Derma Wand Overpromoted Or Do They Actually Deliver?

I’m going to take some time here and go over the Derma Wand sales pitch and break it down and hopefully determine that everything they talk about is 100% legit.

I more than most people know how annoying it is to read something about a product, then after making the purchase, later find that the product/service just did not deliver on their promises. On that note let’s break down the Derma Wand…

What exactly do they promise?

So after carefully reading through the things the device promises to deliver on, I was able to come up with several different important aspects worth talking about.

The first one is that it promises to show results after 3 minutes of use. This of couse isn’t a lie, however you have to also take into consideration your own skin. 3 minutes is the minimum it can take to visably reduce rinkles and lines, however for the majority of us using the Derm Wand it’s going to take a little extra every day(for me 10 minutes).

Of course this isn’t too bad when you think about it, so in a way Derma Wand does deliver on their promise of 3 minutes in certain cases, but just to let you know you may require a little extra longer depending on your own skin.

Just on this note, most people miss seeing the section on the Derma Wand site where they mention that “deep wrinkles will not disappear overnight”. I think it’s good to hear that every once and while. There’s nothing more annoying then having to hear a bunch of hype about how you’ll be instantly cured overnight, when in reality, WE KNOW IT’S NOT TRUE!! So hats off to Derma Wand for mentioning that on their site.

The second thing I wanted to talk about was their 30 day money back guarantee and whether or not they deliver on their promise. Of course I never sent back my Derma Wand so I couldn’t do an exact test, however I spoke to a few people in some Skin Care forums and asked them if they delivered on their promise and they said they did so that was good enough for me. PS. those people I found out later only sent back their Derma Wands as a test to see if they would get their money back and they also work for competing brands. I reckon they were trying to catch them out so they could blog about it in my opinion

The final thing I wanted to talk about is whether or not their line of skin care products combined with the Derma Wand, really equals up to a cost of $240.

I spent a fair bit of time researching into similar skin care products listed in their product specifications and the overwhelming majority of combinations I was able to come up with actually cost MORE than $240. I know I was baffled as well but that’s the results I was able to come up with.

The other thing I didn’t mention either is that you can always use similar products in conjunction with the Derma Wand for better results if you find their range to be less superior then the one you’re using right now, so it’s no biggie.

As you can probably already tell, I’m a pretty big supporter of the Derma Wand. Take it as you will, I just love it and I wouldn’t try anything else!

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