Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello Friends

Welcome to my Derma Wand blog.

I know there are almost 2 million Derma Wand users out there! I am just thrilled that you have found my product a solution to your complexion problems.
I created Derma Wand quite by accident. When I was in my mid 40's, and a single parent raisng a teenage daughter and a 9 year old boy, my life was stessed and I really got down sometimes. My face went down too. Yuck.

I had been working as a cosmetician and knew the remarkable difference a quick treatment of High Frequency would give to my tired and sad looking face. It would give me such a quick face lift.

I started looking for a smaller machine, because my spa unit was too large to take home and bring back. There were no portable units. I asked a friend of mine that was an electronic wizard, if he could look at my spa unit and somehow make it fit into something that I could have at home. Initially the derma wand components were inside of an empty flashlight. So, now that I was using high frequency on my face everyday before I went to work and once at night after work, I started to keep this lifted look for longer periods of time. The more I used it the better things shaped up! I realized that using high frequency in smaller doses regularily was doing more for my saggy skin than a monthly half hour treatment.

Well of course people started to wonder if I had a face lift. Now I was really on to something. Customers started bringing in their old flashlights and having Derma Wand components installed.

Then I decided to give those components a new body. I had about 500 made up, due to the high volume of requests for this lifting device. Other salons were ordering them, and then one fell into the hands of a buyer at the Canadian Shopping Channel. She loved what it did for her skin problems, and found me. Next thing I am on the air and it just went from there.

I think the Derma Wand became so successful, because the bottom line is, IT WORKS.

No matter what the problem is, Derma Wand, just like the commercial high frequency units, delivers oxygenation and super stimulates. It only makes sense that more results will happen, because you are doing more for your skin.

I didn't dream up some concept and put a good story to it. This technology has always been a favoured tool in our Professional Skin Industry. Creams, Serums, Lotions, they are great and hydrate your skin. Some even super exfoliate away dead looking skin. But they are only liquids.


Once you have lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, pitted skin, bags, dull tired looking skin, it is too late for any serum or cream to make a difference. AND WE ALL KNOW IT.

There is always plastic surgery, but the demand for scalpel free and no down time improvements, means you need more than serums. You do need some good skin care, but hydration is the best you can get out of these products no matter how much they cost. I know, I have worked with the absolute best lotions as do most professionals. But we always use that high frequency to make you look fresh, toned, lifted and youthful.

It's not magic, it's pure science. Look at that picture below this blog. YES THAT IS ME AND THAT IS THE ORGINAL PICTURE TAKEN OF MYSELF AFTER USING DERMA WAND FOR 3 MONTHS ON JUST ONE SIDE OF MY FACE. It should be obvious to you which side looks Derma Wanded! I was totally thrilled to see these results.

If you have the Derma Wand and you need some extra tips, let me know. I will answer everyone. Or if you would like to post your Derma Wand experience, please do so. I would love to hear from you.

Until next time
Be Well
God Bless

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